Alcoholism is a serious disease often overlooked by those whom love us the most. In the movie When A Man Loves A Woman, Meg Ryan and Andy Garcia show us how a wonderful love story can be corrupted by an overwhelming addiction.
The movie begins with this wonderful couple who soak themselves in their love.You immediately notice the habits of Meg Ryan, from the veryfirst scene.Although it appears that they are just having a good time, the issues begin to become more than Andy Garicia (meg’s husband) can handle.Her problem becomes out-of-hand when it effects her work, family and friends. She forgets things, acts irresponsible, abuses her children and then has a hash bought of abusing her self.She in turn decides to go through rehab.
Ryan has as supportive of a family as possible.Hoping and praying that everything would return to normal, this family will not require a lot of adjusting. Although she is no longer drinking she now has to find a different life style than the one she had been used to.No longer does Ryan view things with the same eyes.She struggles with all the issues that come along with her new sobriety.
Finding a new common ground for this family so almost impossible.Once Ryan finds closure in herself and learns to deal with her changed lifestyle she now has the strength to regain what she had been losing. It is so emotional watching this happy family become ripped apart and then to here even more tragic stories of things we did not see.The family was not really happy.The person in which they loved was falling apart on the inside.
When A Man Loves A Woman,is the type of movie that can hit home with someone at many different points.You can feel for the side or the alcoholic or for those who suffer around them.This was a brilliantly made movie.It depicts the feeling of everyone in the situation so well.It is an excellent movie that tells a difficult story.


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