Alcohol is a mood altering depressant drug. It can affect almost every part of a person's body. The affect alcohol has on a person depends on their sex, weight, how fast they metabolize alcohol, situation, mood, and the presence of food in the stomach. Alcohol decreases a person's inhibitions, which factor into an increased sexual drive ( Alcohol affects the mind and body of a person.
Once alcohol is swallowed it is not digested like food. Instead, a small amount is absorbed directly by the mucosal lining of the mouth. Once in the stomach, alcohol is absorbed directly into the bloodstream through the tissue lining, stomach, and the small intestine. Food, waster and fruit juice help to slow this absorption, while carbonation works to speed absorption. ( After alcohol is in the blood stream, it is carried to all the organs of your body. In the majority of healthy people, blood circulates through the body in ninety seconds. Alcohol is a drug that must be changed into a non- harmful substance. Ten percent of the alcohol is eliminated through sweat, breath, and urine. The liver detoxifies the remaining alcohol.
Alcohol affects the brain in many ways. It passes the blood-brain barrier, which normally keeps harmful substances away from the brain. Alcohol affects the neurons, causing judgment and coordination problems, memory loss, problem solving tactics and the regulation of body functions. ( Heavy alcohol consumption can cause brain atrophy. Although alcohol is a depressant it has a unique action that initially creates a feelings of mild and pleasant stimulation.
Alcohol also affects a person's appearance, heart, and lungs. If a person desires bright eyes and clear skin, they should not consume alcohol. According to research, more than one or two drinks a week promotes aging. When alcohol is abused it can make a person's hair dry, give cracked lips, aggr

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