There are many problems that we have to deal with in our society.From drugs to teen pregnancy, and from abortion to suicide, we are barraged from all sides by problems that we need to deal with in order to keep our society in check.Illegal drugs are prevalent in our society.They kill many people and injure others, and are highly responsible for overcrowded prisons. They are illegal.
Alcohol is the leading cause of preventable deaths in our society.There are 40,000 deaths on highways each year and up to 25,000 of them are because of drinking and driving(alcohol). This means that two out of every five car fatalities involve alcohol.Consider this: each year alcohol results in millions of dollars in arrests, hundreds of thousands of dollars of serious injuries, and tens of billions of dollars in alcohol related costs, and yet it is still legal.It is time that we as a society realize that alcohol is a drug and should be treated like one.This paper will discuss the problems alcohol causes in our families, how detrimental it is to our society, and what we can and should do to stop it.
There are many different results of alcohol. Children die or are taken away from parents because of it. Alcohol is an extremely dangerous drug and people who use it become dependent on it; these people are called alcoholics.
Alcoholics cause stress, not only on themselves, but on others too.Alcohol is a drug that causes family and friends a great deal or emotional pain from which it is very difficult to recover.There are more alcoholics in this world then most people know about.
At least twenty-two million people have lived with an alcoholic just in this country alone.Most have survived this hard time and are on their own now but many have died.Most
live with scars either physical or mental or both, because of parents who were or still are alcoholics (Seixas XI).
Alcoholics have a dependency to alcohol.This dependency …

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