Alcohol Issues

Alcohol. It’s a seven-letter word deeply embedded within the World’s culture. It supplies billions of dollars in revenue for governments and corporations, and when consumed in large enough quantities, it can royally mess you up. Sloshed, wasted, tanked, or drunk, whatever you want to call it, the intoxicating impairment that comes from excessive drinking is what draws most people towards alcohol, and while it may seem harmless enough, it can be dangerous in many ways. Let’s face it: People drink alcohol, for the most part, to get drunk. While it might be a fun for a couple hours, the cons of alcohol consumption go well beyond the odd hangover.Alcohol is habit-forming and addictive, kills brain cells, shatters and even takes lives.What was once viewed as the drink of the gods in ancient times has descended to something that is commonly viewed as a horrendous concoction in today’s society.It’s not hard to see why: alcohol can be linked to everything from divorces, to bankruptcy, to violent crimes such as murder and assault.
First of all, if done responsibly, drinking alcohol can be perfectly harmless. It serves as a pastime a hobby or even a profession for many people all around the World. It’s when alcohol gets abused that problems start to arise.
Roughly 27% of men and 14% of women consume more than the recommended amount of alcohol and one in every 15 people in dependant on it. 5% of all adults drink what is considered an unhealthy amount of booze, and nearly 12% drink enough to put their long-term health at risk.Those figures are a decade old, and are on the rise, which is quite frightening.Only roughly 10% of the general population claim they never drink, which means en enormous majority of the population still drinks, but does it responsibly. Despite this, alcoholism and alcohol-related crimes such as impaired driving and under-aged drinking remain two problems that plague today’s society.

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