alcohol and the brain

As alcohol is introduced into the body it starts its effects.The alcohol is mixed in with our blood, hereby, flowing to every part of our body.The blood contaminated with alcohol will reach your brain in about 7 seconds.This does not mean that you feel the effects of it right away.As a matter of fact you can not find any measurable effects of the alcohol for approximately 30 minutes (Dodge 256).The direct effectiveness of alcohol varies from person to person.To get an accurate measurement you must take into account who is the person consuming, what alcohol does to the nervous system, and how the new reaction of the nervous system effects our skills.
No one would expect a one hundred twenty pound female to consume more alcohol than a two hundred pound male.How immune a persons body is to the effect of alcohol is also a factor.Especially in college, more men drink then women and drink more often.In all about sixty one percent of males drink and only thirty eight percent of women drink(Maddox 312).In addition to this as the students move on to the next grade the tendency to drink moves up with them.For males, forty percent drink as freshman, fifty eight percent drink as sophomores, sixty two percent drink as juniors, and seventy five percent drink as seniors in college (Maddox 312).For the females, twenty percent drink as freshman, twenty five percent drink as sophomores, forty nine percent drink as juniors, and fifty seven percent drink as seniors in college (Maddox 312).Looking at these facts males should be effected less by alcohol than females based on pure size and frequency of their drinking habits.
“Alcohol reaches the brain and spinal cord through the blood.It goesfirst to the more complex, higher brain centers (cerebral cortex) where after a few minutes the truly depressant nature of alcohol begins to show itself by slowing down mental activity.” (Fort 34).After the alcohol has taken over th…

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