Alcohol and Nutrition

Have you ever wondered how alchol effects your health? Well today is your lucky day. I will talk about the various ways that alcohol effects your health." Alcohol is a term applied to members of a group of chemical compounds and, in popular usuage to the specific compound ethyl alcohol, or ethanol (Alcohol)."
There are 10g of alcohol in an alcoholic drink. Alcoholic is not a toxin or nutrient, even though it does contribute energy to the body (Sizer, and Whitney 334). The brain responds different, when alcohol reaches different levels in the brain. When the alcohol reaches in 0.05 our judgement is impaired. Our emotional control is impaired when the alcohol reaches 0.10 in our brain. Our muscle control is impaired once the alcohol reaches 0.15. Our vision is impaired, once the alcohol levels reaches 0.20. We are in a stupor once our brain's alcohol level reaches 0.35. When our alcohol level reaches 0.50 through 0.60 we will loss conscious and sometimes we will stay in coma, and never wake up (Sizer, and Whitney 172).
There are many myths that are associated with alcohol. First, many people think that a shoot warms you up, when really the alcohol diverts blood flow to the skin making you feel warmer, but it is actually cooling the body. Second, wine and beer are mild so they do not lead to addiction, most people believe, but wine and beer drinkers would have high rates of death from alcohol related illnesses, and it is not what you drink but how much that makes the difference. Third, People think that mixing drinks is what gives you a hang over, but it is too much alcohol in any form that gives you a hangover.Fourth, people believe that alcohol is a stimulant, when really it is a depressant, and depresses the brain activity. Fifth, people believe that since alcohol is legally that it is not a drug, but it is a drug because it alters the body functions and is medically defined as a depressant drug (Sizer, and Whitne…

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