Albert Bandura

Albert Bandura based his theory on observasional learning and modeling behavior.Behaviorism is the study that Bandura was doing.For example the mental. Standard procedure is to manipulate one variable, and then measure its effects on another. All this is is a theory of personality that says that one's environment causes one's behavior.Bandura found this a bit too simple for the cases he was observing.He suggested that the environment causes behavior and behavior causes environment as well.The world and a person's behavior cause each others behavior.
Bandura didhundreds of studies.He was responsible for the bobo doll studies. He made ofa young woman, beating up a bobo The woman would punch the clown. She kicked it, sat on it, hit with a little hammer, and so on, shouting various aggressive phrases. Bandura showed his film to groups of kindergartners who, as you might predict, liked it a lot. They then were let out to play. In the play room, of course, were several observers, a brand new bobo doll, and a few little hammers.
The observers saw a lot of little kids beating the daylights out of the bobo doll. They punched it and shouted at it kicked it, sat on it, hit it with the little hammers.. In other words, they imitated the young lady in the film, almost exactly. He even did a film of the young woman beating up a live clown.When the children went into the other room, what should they find there but the live clown. They proceeded to punch him, kick him, hit him with little hammers, and so on.
The point of this experiment was that the children changed their behavior. . He called the phenomenon the social learning theory. Like most traditional behaviorists, Bandura says that punishment in whatever form does not work as well as reinforcement and, in fact, has a tendency to "backfire" on us.
The therapy Bandura is most famous for is modeling therapy. The theory is that, if you can ge

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