Air Pollution in Australia

1. Identify current trends, scale and likely future sources of carbon monoxide, sulphur
dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, lead, particles and photochemical oxidants…..
AGA notes that considerable background material is already available on this issue including theState of the Environment Report and other processes being developed through the NEPC. It is important that reporting by the Inquiry take account of existing material.
2. Identify and evaluate management options for each of the identified pollutants,
including options which address one or more pollutants together, which will lead to
improved urban air quality in the medium (5-10 years) and longer (10-15 years) term.
It is widely recognized that use of gaseous transport fuels ? liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and
natural gas for vehicles (NGVs) ? can assist in improving urban air quality. In response to the Federal Government’s development of a national Sustainable Energy Policyfor Australia, the AGA, the Australian Liquefied Petroleum Gas Association and the Australasian Natural Gas Vehicles Council released a report in January 1997 titled GaseousTransport Fuels Policy Development (copy attached).
The submission indicates that motor vehicles account for over 80 percent of carbon monoxide,
45 percent of hydrocarbons and 67 percent of nitrogen dioxide emissions. It also notes that
Australia’s transport sector is a major contributor towards the energy sector’s greenhouse gas
Wider adoption of gaseous transport fuels would have substantial benefits in reduced carbon
monoxide, nitrogen oxide, sulphur dioxide, lead and particulate emissions. Gaseous transport
fuels also lead to reduced carbon dioxide emissions. A report prepared for the AGA (to be
published as an AGA Research Paper) indicates that:
NGV tailpipe emissions of carbon monoxide are between 49 and 99 percent lower than
new generation LPG systems can…

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