air pollution

Air pollution affects everyone's daily life and acid rain one of the many forms of air pollution especially. I chose this subject because people need to understand the detrimental ramifications of acid rain. My admiration of the fashion industry have encouraged me to acquire my fine and elaborate wardrobe, which I do not want to be damaged by the destruction of acid rain. So therefore if people are well inform about air pollution, then we the population of this planet earth can change the course of this problem.
Air pollution consists of substances in the atmosphere, which is detrimental to the environment, human health, and the quality of life.These substances in the atmosphere are caused from every day human activity such as burning fossil fuels- natural gas, coal, and oil- to power automobiles and to warm houses.Air pollution is such a broad term, Ross, R.D. Air Pollution and Industry. Academic Press: (1973), 1 stated that pollutant can be any chemicals when put into the atmosphere either purposely or through some act of nature reduces the oxygen content or significantly changes the composition of the are, which creates many forms of pollution such as acid rain, greenhouse gases, photochemical smog, particulates, domestic smoke, radio nuclides, and the ozone layer depletion.
Air pollution is attributed from harmful chemicals such as carbon dioxide, carbon
Monoxide, nitrogen oxides, and sulfur dioxide from the burning of fossil fuels, such as coal, natural gas, and oil and from certain kinds of manufacturing. With all these chemicals high in the atmosphere, travel with the wind for miles, and eventually return to the ground not as simple rain but acid rain.
Acid rain is one component of acidic deposition, which has two parts wet and dry.Wet depositions are commonly referred as acidic rain, but also come in a form of fog, and snow. The acidity is defined in terms of the pH scale with units from 0 to 14. Acidic h…

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