For many years now, scientists have researched and test the affects of air pollution.It has already been proven that pollution and the chemical substances affect a person's health and well being. There are a lot of things pollute the air, including ourselves and what we do.Pollution is basically almost everywhere outside.
A large-scale type of outdoor pollution is smog.Smog can come for different sources, like automobiles and industrial facilities.Mainly people living in cities suffer this problem because the abundance of automobiles.With this vast amount of vehicles driving around the city streets, there is a greater amount of exhaust fumes coming from those vehicles, especially during the warm months of the year.Aside from smog, acid rain poses as a problem to the healthiness of humans.This is when a certain pollutant combines with droplets of water in the air.For instance with the pollutant, sulfuric acid, combines with water; that water, becomes acidified.This can affect plants greatly, destroying leaves of plants, poisoning soil, and I can even change the chemistry o flakes and streams.Air pollution is not only present outdoors, but also present inside homes and other buildings.
It is said that people spend at least 80-90% of their lives indoors.They do there basic "rituals" like sleep, eat, work, etc.By doing these sorts of things indoors, there is a restriction of air circulation.Because, some experts consider air pollution indoors affects more people indoors than outdoor.For instance, a house can consist of a smoking family member.Of course this will affect someone's health due to second hand smoking.Even cooking and heating appliances, vapors from building materials, or paints can cause pollution indoors.The natural radioactive gas, Radon, can be found inside basements around the United States. Results from the California Air Resources Board show that indoor air pollu…

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