Air Force Aid Society

1. Imagine that the only vehicle in your family breaks down and you lack the means for repairs, what would you do?Did you know that there are services provided by the Air Force Aid Society (AFAS) that can help members with this kind of problem?If not, then you will be provided information on two ways that financial assistance is available in a situation of need.In the case of an emergency, you need to be aware of how and under what circumstance you can request and receive financial help.Also covered, will be an overview about the specifics on policies, grants, and loans to provide a clear understanding of how the program benefits members.We can now begin to take a closer view on policies associated with this system.
2. Policies provide information about the financial assistance program and also state eligibility requirements.First of all, you must be on active duty, retired, dependent, dependent of deceased Air Force personnel, or Air Force Reserve and Air National Guard personnel on extended duty (over thirty days), to be eligible for assistance.According to the AFAS assistance guide, financial assistance is given when a qualifying individual cannot otherwise pay for specific basic needs essential to continued personal effectiveness as an Air Force member.(2: – 7)This policy defines need and circumstance, which is on a case by case basis determined by a representative of the program.Polices also state that information concerning a member who has applied for help remains private unless a commander requests information in special conditions such as investigations or outstanding financial irresponsibility.Now that the basic policies have been explained, lets find out about grants.
3. A grant is money given without an obligation to pay it back as determined by an AFAS representative.Situations that qualify for grants are case by case.For limited fun

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