AIDS and Ignorance

When it comes to STD's there is one that strikes fear into anyone who thinks they might have it.AIDS is one of the STD's that does not have a cure, along with Herpes and Human Papillion Virus, but what sets AIDS apart from the other incurable viruses is its violent and destructive nature. Herpes, in most cases when taking care of, can be classified as more of an annoyance because it is most likely to annoy the person infected but will not kill them.AIDS, when untreated, will send the infected person to an early death, but when treated, it will still destroy a person immune system but at a slower rate although it still sets the victim up for an early death.
AIDS (acquired Immunodeficiency syndrome), is the last stage of the HIV virus (Human Immunodeficiency virus).HIV works by attacking ones immune system.The virus starts out by attaching itself to a host cell within a person.It then penetrates the host cell and begins replication.While replicating, the virus kills the host cell, which is most likely the T cells and B cells whose main function is to attack invaders by binding two them. While attacking the T and B cells the virus punches holes in the cells membrane.Therefore wreaking the cell so when it fuses with other cells in order to fight the virus back it actually ends up spreading the virus creating massive replication within an infected person.This process is what kills the person immune system subjecting them to many other viruses.It is at this point Human Immunodeficiency virus has become acquired Immunodeficiency syndrome because the person immune is totally destroyed which eventually kills the person.
HIV and AIDS cannot be spread through casual contact but instead it is contracted mainly through exposure to blood and blood products semen and female genital secretions from an infected person.The virus is also present in breast milk.A pregnant woman can pass the virus to her fetus across…

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