AIDS and Homosexuality

"If liberals and politicians really want to do something to get rid of AIDS, they should start with the gays and their activities.Most sane people know homosexuality is indecent, immoral, and unethical."
Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. AIDS is a lethal disease.It brings those who are so afflicted face to face with the ultimate reality of death.All of the emotion of denial, anger, and fear are present, but there is more.The emotional, spiritual, and physical needs of AIDS victims and their families are unusually pressing.What has almost always been deemed a "death sentence," AIDS has touched the lives of millions, and taken half as many.The disease that once possessed the lives of those infected has since become a virus that cannot be cured, but no longer will eradicate each individual so unfortunate as to acquire AIDS.
There is no known origin of AIDS.People have been obtaining and hiding AIDS for years, with deaths being recorded as one of the many symptoms of the disease.It can be traced back as far as Africa, where a species of green monkey is known to carry the virus.It is believed that it was then transmitted to the inhabitants of a nearby tribe.At that time, the only laboring workers were men, and a group of these people came from Haiti to work on a project and returned home, along with the disease.Soon after, gay communities from New York and Florida took leisure and vacation trip to Haiti, thus acquiring the virus.Hence, AIDS has come to America through the gay male community. (Hay, 13-14)
When AIDS became a prominent problem in the United States, little was known.New cases were being diagnosed daily, most of them young, gay men.Many of these men were dying rapidly after diagnosis from different symptoms. (Kubler-Ross, 14)Thefirst official reports were made in the summer of 1981.Between 1981 and 1987, 15,000 new cases were reported, with 52% resulting in death…

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