By Adam Hans

A virus is the smallest particle that consists of a nucleic acid and it attacks your cells just like the Aids virus.They can not replicate themselves it must use a host cell.For instance, if we were to catch a cold our cells would be the host cells.They attach to the host cell and insert their DNA/RNA and then the host cell replicates the virus.
Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, also known as AIDS, is a virus that is very deadly.There has been more than 700,000 cases of AIDS in the US since 1981.It is mostly spread by sexual activity or by blood transfusions.You cannot get it from exchanging saliva.Here are some symptoms of AIDS:coughing, shortness of breath, severe headaches, vision loss, weight loss, and extreme fatigue.In young children, they will get pink eye, ear infections, and tonsillitis.AIDS attacks your immune system which is made up of many interdependent cell types that protects your body from bacteria, parasites, fungal, and viral infections also from the growth of tumor cells.So when you have AIDS and you catch a common cold, you could die because your immune system could not handle it.HIV infection lowers the CD4+T cells in the immune system, in turn lowering white blood cell count.If the CD4+T count is just above 200, you could experience some early symptoms.Some people don't have symptoms even when their count is below 200.
We cannot kill the AIDS virus because the virus uses host cells to infect the body.These host cells cannot be depicted from our other uninfected cells, therefore in order to kill them, we would have to kill our own healthy cells.So the only logical, efficient way to stop the AIDS virus is to innervate it before it infects our cells.The way to do this is with the use of a vaccine….

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