Methods of contracting the Aids virus is a major concern for people
in today's society.People are increasingly concerned about ways to
contact the Aids virus, its symptoms, and prevention’s.Knowing the
risk and recognizing the symptoms will enable them to protect his or
herself from this dreadful disease.There are various ways to contact
the Aids virus.These are just a few of the ways that people can come
Having unprotected sex is the major that sex is the major way that
people can come into contact with the Aids virus.Aids is transmitted by the exchange of bodily fluids, particularly semen.Also the virus can be exchanged from mother to child during the pregnancy.If one or the other partners is infected with the Aids virus then they are at risk, and if they get pregnant then their child is at risk also.The risk of getting Aids from a blood transfusion is very possible. If the blood has not been properly tested, and if the blood is infected with the Aids virus then the person receiving the blood automatically contracts the Aids virus. 2pg.3.Coming into contact with another person;s blood who is infected is another way of contracting the Aids virus.For example if the infected person gets a cut, and he or she comes into contact with an infected person that has a cut, then the infected person has a ninety-nine percent chance of passing the virus to the infected person. 3np.Drug use is another way for contracting the Aids virus.For example, if a person is sharing a needle and one of the people is infected with then the Aids virus goes straight to the uninfected person;s blood.Drug use can also cause a person to not have the right state of mind causing he or she to have unprotected sex. 4pg.4.Some of these ways are controlled by a persons behavior.These are the most serious and common ways of contracting the Aids virus.

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