The topic I choose for my last journal is HIV/AIDS. Over my life through High school and in myfirst year of college I have learned about HIV/AIDS in many of my classes. We were taught high-risk behaviors and many ways to prevent it. I was taught all similar material in this course but this all took on a whole new meaning recently.
Some of the high-risk behaviors to get HIV/Aids are using IV drugs, Blood transfusions, unprotected anal or vaginal sex. When I was younger hearing things like this made me immediately think " I can't get this disease." I thought to myself "I'm not a drug addict, the hospitals now screen blood very carefully and I don't have sex yet.Even if I did have sex my boyfriend is clean he couldn't have this."This was my attitude for a long time until now. This is why this topic really hit home when we studied it in this course. I realized when we went through the chain of a person having sex that if my partner had a couple previous partners, I was in fact having sex with all of them. In the sense that if anyone of them has this disease I will more then likely get it. Also I have seen my friends use IV drugs, where as 5 years ago the thought of me using IV drugs was out of the question.
As I went through my life more and more HIV/AIDS became more and more real to me. The danger of this disease didn't truly hit until about a week ago. I had called up one of my good friends just to say hello, and see how everything was going. He didn't sound very happy when I was on the phone with him so I asked him if something was the matter. He told me that one of his best friends that is also a friend of mine was in the hospital in critical condition. I quickly asked what was wrong with him he said he had a really bad case of pneumonia. Then he paused and said they think he has AIDS. I was never that shocked in my life. That one of my friends could possibly have AIDS. Th…

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