Agricutural Reveloution

This video was about the development of mankind and how agriculture helped develop mankind.Agriculture and production of food began about 10,000 years ago.Hence, the world population could not have grown without the agricultural revolution.Without the development of agriculture, the modern and urban society would not have developed.Early man hunted fish, dug for nuts, and gathered crops.But today we take everything for granted.However, instead of gathering, men and woman cultivated the crops.The beginning of plants are connected to climatic change, however some people in Alaska, Africa, India still hunt for their food.Today’s farmers are descendents of previous settlers but since we have the availability of products we take everything for granted.For example, foods from different parts of the world and especially canned foods.The early farmers would get the best grain and plant them, this was serial cultivation.The introduction of farming spread vastly, and then advanced into Europe.A variety of animals were domesticated in different parts of the world such as goats, sheep, donkey, pig, and horse.So the dimensions of humans completely changed, once agriculture began people were tied into their land. Agriculture made diversity as communities spread.The demand of agriculture called for greater cooperation.
Overall, I thought this video was good.It explained how crops were cultivated and planted and once agriculture got started how people changed their ways.This video gave an accurate understanding of principles on cultivation.Personally, The Agricultural Revolution was an easy to understand and descriptive video.

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