Agriculture Methods of Today

Agriculture has come a long way throughout the years. The traditional methods of sowing seeds into the earth and reaping its harvest date back to Biblical days. Today, from the old granny who plants rose gardens to bonsai specialists, growing and cultivation span race, creed, sex, religion, and social status. As man acquires more knowledge and technology improves, planting has become a science in itself. Hydroponics and the new aeroponic systems of growing crops have recently evolved. Farmers, however, are not the only ones reaping the benefits of these new technologies. Although NASA and the military alike have been experimenting with ways to improve growing soil medium, hydroponics, and aeroponics, it is a new breed of scientists who are refining growing methods. Whether they sell it or smoke it themselves, the witty cultivators of today are cannabis connoisseurs. Cannabis sativa, better known as marijuana, weed, or ganja, is a tall annual deciduous plant native to central Asia. The use of this plant, however, has spread worldwide. The leaves, which contain the non-narcotic group of psychoactive chemicals collectively known as Tetra-hydrocannibinol (THC), are smoked or chewed for a euphoric effect. Varieties of this herb- there are over sixteen types- differ in growth characteristics such as height, width, branching traits, leaf size, leaf shape, flowering time, yield, potency, taste, and aroma. Regardless of the different characteristics, marijuana is rated by how strong it is, and for the most part, potency is a factor of genetics. Some plants have the genetic potential of producing high grade marijuana and others do not. The goal of the cultivator is to allow the high THC plants to reach their full potential, resulting in a better “high.” Just as with any plant, cultivation of cannabis can occur in soil, hydroponics, or aeroponic media.
The most common medium for growing marijuana, whether indoors or outdoors, is through soil. R…

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