Aginst Gun Control

Persuasive Essay against Gun Control
All of a sudden your walking down the street and a crook comes up to you with a gun.What would you do if you were in this situation?What would be your after actions
Many people in this world today are just confused about firearms.The facts show the best way of fixing a problem.If you were in a situation like this one would you fight for stricter gun control laws, or would you fight for the right to carry.
If you were one of those uneducated people that would fight for stricter gun laws, then you are subcontuaslly making a mistake.If you were in the imposed position you would now you didn't have a gun, but the criminal did.The criminal will always have a gun, because they are a criminal and they don't care about anyone's laws.The only way to fix that problem would be to arm the public.
If you were one of those people that would fight for firearms your defiantly on the side witch has the best effect on crime rate.It is proven in every State witch has adopted a concealed carry law.The crime rate has dropped dramatically.In fact the countries that adopted gun control, like England, the crime rate increased by 90 percent of violent crimes.
So if you ever happen to be put in a awkward position, just remember you can make the difference.You can help keep crime rate down, and you can protect yourself better the next time.For a better example the State of Vermont has no restrictions on firearms carry, and in return they have the smallest crime rate.

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