"Aggression is conditioned by society". Does your study of aggression in your area of study incline you to agree?
The statement'aggression is conditioned by society' is false. While aggression comes in many different forms, all stem from society and in particular, the basic unit of society that is the family. If it can be proven that the family unit is fragmenting, then correspondingly, society, which is based upon the building blocks of the family unit, will be seen to be in a state of decline. At the root of the disintegration lies aggression of one sort or another, and therefore the opposite applies to the statement given, that is'society is conditioned by aggression'.
Within the family unit there may operate a number of causes and effects, which affect the well being of that family. If there is an aggressor, there is an element of unhappiness somewhere. Where the aggressor is a child, various outcomes are possible. For instance there can be friction between siblings of the family, between parent(s) and that child aggressor, or worse still, there can be friction caused between the parents themselves as one defends the child aggressor's actions while the other objects.
By far, the more serious situation of unhappiness exists in the family unit where there is an aggressive parent. Here, the pressure causes an eruption of aggressive behaviour, which in turn produces a set of horrific effects upon individual family members or as a whole. For each family member's reaction to the aggressor can trigger a reaction in another member etc… which can only set up a chain of events leading to an eventual fragmentation. The parent aggressor may act abusively towards the other parent (or adult in the relationship), or towards a certain child that is singled out because of his/her perceived weakness, or towards all the children of the relationship simultaneously.
The problems caused by parent agg…

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