Age of Discovery

I went to see Joseph McDonough's play The Age Of Discovery on February 27, 2001 at the Seney-Stovall Chapel at the University of Georgia.Stanley Longman directed this particular version of the play, which is about two men, Lewis and Clark, and their insane and complicated journey trying to find their misplaced meteorite. Throughout their wild voyage, many personas and traits of the characters are developed as well as revealed to the audience. With the help of Clark and other characters such as Belle, Newton, Whitney, Perry, and Grandma, Lewis is able to come to important realizations about his own life.Throughout their crazy journey Lewis and Clark visit many different settings such as laundromats, junkyards, jail cells, and golf courses. The scenery, which consists of two turntables holding most of the props and decorations, is easily revolved between acts. Wardrobe also plays an important role in character assessment and evaluation.Although the play is held at a simplistic, light, and humorous level, the more considerable matters are still successfully noticed and absorbed by the audience.
Lewis is initially introduced to the audience as an intense, anal person who is fixated with his work and stays continuously uptight throughout the play. He is obsessed with finding the rock and cannot understand how Clark, who he feels is a unreliable idiot, lost such an important stone.Lewis is referred to as an "ivy league prick" and with his personality, aura, and appearance he represents this stereotype well.Lewis demonstrates part of the realistic convention McDonough utilizes in his play.People can easily become preoccupied with their work to the point where it becomes unhealthy and they miss out on the important things in life.
The audience can originally tell that Clark is an unorganized, flaky, person who has an idealist personality.Lewis gets annoyed with Clark easily and feels that he wastes his t…

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