African press draws Haiti

African press draws Haiti lessons
On Sunday, February 29, 2004 Jean-Bertrand Aristide left the country of Haiti. It is unknown as to where the exiled President went to considering all sort of communications were cut of the previous week in Haiti. The radio stations were shut down; the television stations were shut down and everyone were advised to stay inside. The unclear news of Aristide's whereabouts is solely for his safety, so we are told. There was news that Aristide was supposed to go to Puerto Rico, but that planned changed after discovering that ex-president Cedars was waiting for Aristide in Haiti. The ex-president of Haiti worked closely with the rebels of Haiti in the many coup d'atas that have occurred while in office.
Many radio stations in Haiti now are stating that Aristide has gone to Africa. This is still a rumor according to a 1020am Haitian station in Miami, FL. Though there is little cheer for the intervention in Haiti, there is less for President Aristide who “helped seal his own fate”, says South Africa’s This Day. The commentators in Africa really don;t want Aristide to shelter there because they fear the problems, which follows Aristide. I ask myself and others in question why Africa. Aristide didn;t leave the country voluntarily. It seems as though he did, but when someone suggest something to you as though you NEED to do it rather than you SHOULD, becomes as you really now having a choice in the matter.
I too, believe that by Aristide going to Africa (if that is the case) it somehow place the African country in a tight position. Today Chief Justice, Bonaface Alexandre, a well-known, well-respected Law professor in Haiti, is controlling the Republic of Haiti.

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