African Cats

The majority of the animals in Africa entered the human world as predators.Soon after, the roles had reversed and these beautiful creatures became human prey.Not only do humans prey upon African animals but also Africa's habitats are being destroyed.This forces the small animals out of the forest and soon they die.Then the larger animals have nothing to hunt and eat so they end up dying off as well.Zoologists began to notice the disappearance of Africa's beautiful creatures and now are working toward animal protection.Animal rights groups have formed to help put an end to animal slaughter.Some animal rights groups have gone too far but they have good intentions. With the help of zoos, science and technology, hopefully there won't be any more animals from Africa on the endangered species list.Due to humans cutting down forests and hunting in Africa, helpless animals have become endangered, needing humans to help procreate their species.
In Africa humans and animals once lived together peacefully.African's wild animals have decreased in numbers after the arrival of the Europeans because of intensive hunting and destruction of natural habitats (Veron 19).In the beginning of the year 1960 wild animals were thought of as carriers of diseases so the Europeans tried their best to kill off all diseases.Sadly this was the beginning of a killing spree in Africa.In Africa alone mass extinction takes place every 26 million years (Stuart 3).The biggest cause of extinction is the overpopulation of people (Stuart 3).Africa's loss of habitat has been so bad that these areas may be irreversible (Veron 19).Many of Africa's animals have become endangered and some even extinct.One way humans can end this mass destruction of creatures is by controlling human population. With more people in the world there is a need for more homes, which causes the destruction of natural habitats.
In 1990 …

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