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Dear brothers and sisters, the representatives of the bereaved nation of Afghanistan;
Dear guests, members of the diplomatic corps
Assalamu alaikum, may peace be upon you. I have some wonderful news and some concerning regarding the status of your country through my leadership as your president. As you may have known in my past, I have loyally served my country through the Soviet attempt of occupation and have succeeding and assisting my compatriots in freeing our country.
I left Kabul in 1994 for Qandahar, due to the internal strife among the various factions. While in Qandahar, I was approached by my former colleagues from the Afghan resistance against the Soviets, to free Qandahar from the menace of warlordism, factionalism, and oppression. Thus, with the assistance of the local inhabitants and the Taliban this objective was achieved. However, in mid 1995 I parted with the Taliban movement, since they were gravitating towards extremism and negative foreign influence.
In 1996, with the Taliban in control of Kabul, I was offered the post of their representative to the United Nations. Hamid Karzai rejected the Taliban's offer, and instead devoted all my efforts towards the convening of an Emergency Loya Jirga, under the auspices of His Majesty, Mohammed Zaher, the Former King of Afghanistan. With me as one of the principal organizers, the Loya Jirga movement received an important impetus and in October 1997, an Intra-Afghan Dialogue Process was launched in Istanbul, Turkey. The movement sought to provide the Afghan people the opportunity to determine their right to self-determination in accordance to their free will. Following meetings of the Intra-Afghan Dialogue Process in Frankfurt and Bonn, Germany in July 1998, the focus of activity was shifted to Rome, Italy in 1999. (
During the next several years, I worked to introduce the Loya Jirga process as the on…

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