Affirmative Action The real deal

The Necessity for Affirmative Action:
During the American Revolution Thomas Jefferson and America’s founding fathers struggled for freedom and equality. Years of agonizing battling took place, and finally emancipation was gained and America was formed. As a society we have grown to believe that America equals equality, when in fact it does not. When the declaration of independence was created only white male colonists were created equally. Over 224 years have gone by since our foundation was laid, and unfortunately our original goal has not been reached. Liberty and justice for all is still a utopian idea in the minds of many but not all. There are three reasons our society has not reached its original goal. First, there are large numbers of people who believe that other races, and or genders are inferior. Secondly there is evidence that shows minorities including African Americans, Hispanics, and immigrants are being discriminated against in the workplace. Finally, Affirmative Action has not received a fair chance because of myths and misconceptions about the program. For the above three reasons I believe Affirmative Action is a necessity in America.Many Americans are extremely ignorant to the Affirmative Action program. Many feel that Affirmative Action only pertains to Blacks when it reaches so many more. The maintenance of the program is of great importance to our country especially with a new President in soon to be in office. It is of utmost importance that we as a society learn about the program and its benefits so we can prepare for the future, and eventually erase racial and gender issues in every aspect of our country.
To have knowledge of why Affirmative Action is needed, one should have a solid definition of the program.Affirmative Action, as defined by the office of Affirmative Action, equal opportunity, and diversity at the University of Rhode Island is:
The written document through which management ass…

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