Affirmative Action Should be Eliminated

Proponents of affirmative action argue that affirmative action is
necessary to create a “level playing field” for all Americans because it is
a way of redressing discrimination that persists in spite of civil rights
laws and constitutional guarantees.Minorities and females still don’t
make as much money as men do and we live in a society that often has
difficulty accepting individuals with different race, color, religion, sex,
or national origin.”Operational needs” often present cases when
affirmative action is required for effective job performance.One example
of “operational needs” is a police force which has to interact with the
community.Officers who belong to the same ethic group as neighborhood
residents can function more effectively because of the hostilities and
suspicions that often exist between members of different ethic groups.
However, affirmative action really is all about quotas rather than
eliminating race as a factor in the decision making process.And, quotas
are unconstitutional because they violate the equal protection clause of
the 14th Amendment, equal protection under the law.The benefactors of
affirmative action are predominately middle and upper class individuals
that don’t need any special treatment.”The most under-represented group
of Americans at the nation’s top colleges and colleges isn’t blacks or
Hispanics, but students from lower-income families.”Even the Center for
Equal Opportunity is opposed to affirmative action because it has been such
an unfair windfall for wealthy minorities that are finding ways to take
advantage of the system as summarized below:
“According to the Code of Federal Regulations: “Individuals who
certify that they are members of named groups (Black, Hispanic, Native
American, Asian-Pacific, Sub-continental-Asian) are to be considered
socially and economically disadvantaged.” Unde…

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