Affirmative Action is Bad

The United States of America: the home of the free and the land of opportunity where people from all over the world come for their chance to be successful.It is this great nation's belief in equality that fuels these dreams of hope for something better.While others dream about what they may achieve in the United States, the average American is being stripped of his rights to this dream.Initiated by his government, the average American is being denied his right to succeed as an equal member of society and at the same time achievements by minorities in America are being minimized.In a system like this no one can thrive.This system is called affirmative action.Although affirmative action was designed to eliminate discrimination, in reality it creates a greater preference in race, gives advantages to lesser-qualified people and must not be allowed to continue.
Affirmative action was originally created to help out minorities when applying for jobs.The policy was implemented by the government while enforcing the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which required government contractors and education facilities to receive federal funds to aid in the development of these programs.Two types of affirmative action have been developed, weak and strong.Weak affirmative action is when a minority is given preference over a non-minority, usually done by lowering standards or giving a boost on an evaluation scale.Strong affirmative action is much more rigid and structured.This is where a set number or percent of minorities must be accepted or hired.Affirmative action has spread widely since the sixties (Lehmann).Government institutions and contracts, colleges, universities and at a plethora of businesses all use affirmative action now.
Affirmative action's methods of improving equality contradict its main focus by giving preference to minorities over non-minorities.In weak affirmative action where standards are lowered does…

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