Affirmative Action Creates Unfair Playing Field

Affirmative action is a controversial topic in society among all races and genders, and is a topic of dispute in almost all aspects of life, in work environments, in colleges and universities around the nation. Affirmative action attempts to put and end to discrimination but the policy also creates discrimination. It is praised for making universities and places of work more diverse and cultural, while others who feel discriminated against and who feel that they are not being viewed on the same scale as other employees and or students of a different race curse it. Affirmative action is a contradicting and hypocritical policy.The policy is outdated and should be taken out of effect in all aspects of society, especially colleges and places of employment. Being accepted to college or receiving a employment position should be reserved for those most qualified, regardless of their race or ethnicity.
In 1964 when affirmative action wasfirst put into place, it was intended to assist African Americans who had been fighting for civil rights. It helped African Americans receive equal employment opportunity.(Froomkin, Washington Post) At this time the policy was very much needed. Blacks had been freed from slavery over a hundred years earlier but still faced many forms of racism and were unable to receive equal opportunity. Affirmative action was a policy that was able to address this oppression.The Executive Order stated that companies that wish to bid on federal contracts must follow the guidelines set by affirmative action and keep a required a number of minorities employed.(Philbrook) Affirmative action's initial intentions were set up to help those on need, but affirmative action has now evolved into a system of meeting quotas.
Affirmative action in the working environment discriminates against majorities and leaves qualified employees out in the cold because of their background and color of skin. If two applicants were app…

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