Affirmative Action

The intent of affirmative action is good, yet while trying to counteract the effects of slavery, the Jim Crow laws, and discrimination in general, it may actually produce reverse discrimination.As the old adage states, two wrongs don't make a right. Discriminating against one from a majority is also unfair.Jobs, scholarships, or admission to college should be based on the person's qualifications, not race.For example, I believe that it is unfair to have admission quotas, which may allow a less qualified person from a minority, admission to a college over a more qualified non-minority person.Just because one was born into a certain race, that should not grant them certain privileges nor restrain their ability to achieve a higher education or pursue a career or job.In the Bakke case, Bakke was denied acceptance to University of California Medical School even though other people from minorities had been accepted with lower GPA's and test scores.Bakke claimed he had been a victim of reverse discrimination and the court ruled that he must be accepted. I do not rule out outreach programs, which can help the less fortunate to get a higher education. Without helping a minority that has been oppressed for many years, they may never have a chance of improving their socioeconomic status.By providing outreach programs to poorer communities, students can have the opportunity to improve their learning skills and academic performance.Therefore, affirmative action should be abolished because it produces reverse discrimination.

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