Affirmative Action

"Affirmative Action"

When affirmative action wasfirst developed most Americans accepted it because it gave disadvantaged groups the chances and resources they needed to improve their situation. However, when Americans began to understand the standards better they realized that affirmative action standards just subtracted from the opportunities of people with equal or greater qualifications. I also believe that the affirmative action standards are damaging our nation in many ways.
One of the most important parts of our country that the affirmative action standards hurt is our economy; it damages our economy because due to the unfair standards that affirmative action represents we don't always have the most efficient person working in the workforce that they applied for. Instead we have an employee that isn't as qualified for the job, primarily because he or she is considered to be in a minority. I do understand the fact that many minorities have been discriminated against throughout the years, but I don't think it is intelligent to hurt our economy because of it. I think the affirmative action standards started out as a very helpful idea for the less fortunate, but have slowly just became a burden on our nations economy.
Another way it damages our country is by creating racism, which is the exact opposite of what the standards were created to do. Affirmative action standards were developed to help end racism, but what they really do is create reverse racism by discriminating against white males. It basically just creates tension between the citizens of our country because what it ends up doing is compensating today's generation for past generations wrong doings. The Americans of today don't want to be punished because their ancestors were slave owners and that is what they see the affirmative action standards as doing.
It could also very well be justified to argue the affirmative action standard…

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