Globalization is the massive forefront of 21st century business. Giant conglomerates have monopolized the entire American economic landscape and move on to increase their foothold in foreign markets. Companies have taken advantage of America's strong workforce and economy to ensure their strength and survival. Now the consequences are inevitable. Almost every nation on Earth has a McDonalds, even in rural places in India where religiously where they regard the cow as a sacred icon and must not be consumed. They disregard or destroy any obstacle that stands in their quest for global economic dominance. These giants try to shape the common consensus
Their goal is to expand markets into homogenized societies of consumerism. It is everywhere, from the brightly lit neon billboards hovering over the freeways to the frequent interruption of "new and improved" television commercials. Advertising has evolved to become a powerful image of social class; it influences a person's voice of consciousness, and it has helped boost the American economy well into the 21st century. From a holistic view, marketing teems with ideas of well being, security, safety, but that is all skin deep. Some see marketing's dark side, the immoral and unethical creation and manipulation of a system comprised of information and entertainment to create and proliferate markets of demand. So far, regulations on most of these businesses has safeguarded most consumers, however some business bypass legal loopholes or lobby Congress to pass drug like Vioxx, which was FDA inspected and approved. Since its release, it has caused 26,000 deaths; contrasting, the September 11 incident only claimed 3,000 lives, a proposed claim for invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq. It is this very type of manipulation that should be considered illegal, it is more of a detriment to society to make a short term profit than by practicing more reasonable and slightly more expen…

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