Teachers are usuallyfirst to report ADHD-Teachers and other school personal are responsible for the surge in the use of medications to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in children.
I believe that early childhood providers and personnel should get "formally educated" in the development of children by enrolling in the local community college.Everyday, I listen to teachers (not educated in the development of children) speak negatively about children and some of the things they are talking about, are actually normal things that should be happening at that particular child's age-and they should stop trying to play doctor-however, teachers educated in the development of children are the best ones to recommend evaluations for, "A-Typical" behaviors-because, they see an entire group of "so-called" normal children and they are in the best position to observe "A-Typical" behaviors-these teacher are better than parents in the observation of "A-Typical" behaviors-because parents only observe there own children and do get the chance to see what a whole group of, "so-called" normal children look like.
“What we are being told is that many doctors feel they are strongly being pushed to prescribe medications, sometimes in children who don’t really have attention deficit disorder,” says Leonard Sax, MD, PhD, a family practitioner in Maryland who heads the Montgomery Center for Research in Child and Adolescent Development. “We don’t want to be prescribing these medications willy-nilly to children who really don’t need them, he says”.Attention deficit disorders are both being over-diagnosed and under-diagnosed-if you suspect or a teacher has told you that your child has a problem-I advise you to get a second opinion-a lot waiting rooms are filled with sick kids, and the doctors do not have the time to give more comprehensive evaluations of your child-so it&ap…

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