Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD, the condition Ritalin is most commonly prescribed was formerly just called hyperactivity. It's the diagnosis is based on problems with attention, focus, impulsivity or over activity at school or home. This is a disorder that is just a list of personality traits that this culture deems socially undesirable. The majority of kids that have this diagnosis here in the US would never have had this stigma attached to them in many other cultures.
Since 1990 the number of children and adults diagnosed with ADHD has risen from about 900,000 to 5 million today. This figure suggests a problem of epidemic proportions. The sharp rise in ADHD diagnoses is directly tied to another startling statistic, a 700% increase in the amount of Ritalin produced in the US during the same time period. Companies spent about 610 million dollars on advertising Ritalin in 1996 compared with 44 million dollars in 1990. 90% of the Ritalin (as well as other stimulants) produced in the world is distributed in the US. Office of Drug Enforcements says that in 2000, 15% of school age children will be talking Ritalin. The ADHD diagnosis and the distribution of Ritalin is primarily a white middle, upper class phenomenon. Ritalin use quadrupled in Canada between 1990 and 1996, but remains one-half of the use in the US.
When someone speaks of having ADHD (as in having diabetes or asthma), they are implying the condition is biologically based, and the behavior is neurological in origin. There is no real test for ADHD. The ADHD diagnosis has no definite medical or psychological marker and so it is often made exclusively on the basis of a patient's history.
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