Acquaintance Rape

Women take many routine precautions in their lives to prevent acts of violence from happening to them.Women take these precautions as a second nature because ever since we were little children our parents taught us not to do certain things and if you do your safety may be in jeopardy.However, the precautions they're taking are against an attack by a stranger as opposed to an attack by an acquaintance.This should not be the case when we know that large proportions of these violent and sexually violent crimes are committed by someone the woman knows and sometimes even trusts.
All women know not to go out alone or walk alone, especially at night.We also know better than to interact with men if we don't want to pursue it.We are taught to dress differently so as not to attract a man.We are taught to have a ride, and let someone know where you're going and what time you plan on arriving home.These routine precautions are a good idea, but they aren't addressing the real problem.The real problem is acquaintance rape, even though most people when they visualize rape, they visualize a stranger in a dark alley waiting to pounce.This is obviously not the case.
If we look at the risk factors associated with acquaintance rape then we can assess some routine precautions that can be taken to avoid acquaintance rape.Thefirst is frequently drinking enough to get drunk.Obviously men will find you more vulnerable to give into their demands if you have been drinking or are drunk.A simple way to avoid this is not drinking in excess.This directly follows the next risk factor, which is drinking to the point of being unable to resist forceful sexual advances.This is an obvious risk factor.You are certainly more likely to be raped when you can't resist because to a man that means you want it.Using drugs or drinking by either the victim or the assailant increases the risk.Therefore, don'…

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