What substances turned into Acids? &
Pour about three milliliters of your sample in each of three test
tubes. Pour the same amount on a watch glass. In thefirst test tube put in
two drops of methyl orange and record the color. In the second test tube, put in two drops of bromothymol blue and record the color. In the third test tube, add two drops of phenothalein and record the color. Using the watch glass sample, touch the tips of a red and a blue litmus paper and record the colors. Then touch the tip of a piece of pH Paper and record the color and match the color to the chart and record the pH.
Methyl O Bromothymol BPhenothalein R Litmus B Litmus pH Paper Color Congo R
AA- orange/red yellow clear red red pink(1) purple
OJ- red/orange yellow yellowred pink Orange(4) purple
HA-red yellow clearred redred(2) purple
Bleach-orange yellowclearred redorange(4)purple
Vinegar-red yellow clearred red red(1) purple
SH-orange blue redblue bluebrown(12)orange
Mouth wash-red yellow/green sky bluered redred(1)purple
Lemon J-red yellowclear red redred(2)purple
Windex-Orange blueclear redblue orange(6)red
Plax-orange bluelilacred

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