When talking about accutane, not many people are aware of what it is. "Accutane is basically a Vitamin A derivative given as an oral medication for the treatment or significant cystic acne" (Kunin 1).It was developed in 1982 and used to clear up severe acne.You may have some severe side effects while taking this medication.Many dermatologists give this prescription to patients who have tried prescription medicines, over the counter medicines, and face washes but all of them have failed.Some vitamin A preparations like Retin A can help keep glands clear to a point.More advanced cases require oral medications.They help control the bacteria but they have anti-inflammatory properties, which are really what's most important.
A lot of people wonder how this medicine works."Nobody is 100% sure of how it stops acne, but it does.It does reduce the size of the sebaceous glands.Now there is some question as to whether sufferers of acne have particularly large sebaceous glands, or whether they are being shrunk smaller then they should.Being a Vitamin A compound, it promotes the regeneration of skin cells.Unfortunately this not only improves the standard of your skin, but also causes flakiness.It also has some anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory benefits, that prevent skin infections and reduce swollen spots, " said Kunin (1).
Birth defects are the most serious consequence of taking Accutane.Accutane will only affect a developing fetus.It will not effect any reproductive organs.A lot of people worry about this and decide not to take it, but it doesn’t effect having children in the future.You shouldn’t get pregnant while on Accutane or 30 days after taking Accutane.It can cause head or heart problems in a developing fetus." The FDA and a respectable dermatologist will insist that any woman or teen capable of having children be on 2 methods of contraception, and have one of …

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