Over the past twenty years, a treatment for severe acne was introduced to the world, called Accutane. The FDA approved Accutane in 1982, and since then, about five million people in the United States have been treated with it. Accutane is the only drug that has the potential to clear severe acne permanently after one course of treatment. As powerful as Accutane is with clearing up acne and improving peoples’ lives emotionally and physically, it’s side effects can be just as powerful. The drug is known to cause miscarriages and severe birth defects. Patients also could develop potential problems affecting organs such as liver, intestines, eyes, ears, and the skeletal system, as well as psychiatric problems, which has lead to suicide. Which is exactly what happened to BJ Stupak.
BJ Stupak was a popular seventeen years old that did not show any sign of depression, according to his parents Bart and Laurie Stupak. On the other hand his friends heard BJ talking about how his grades were not up to standards and how he would never get in the school of his choice. When BJ was found on his kitchen floor after taking his life, questions arose. The fact that his prescription acne drug was Accutane did not cause suspicion in the investigation, although there had been several suicide cases related to this drug. Another case similar to BJ Stupak and Charles Bishop brought much confusion. Charles Bishop was said to be a wonderful student, never caused trouble and always had his work in on time. BJ was president of his class, an athlete, and popular with both girls and boy. Both boys showed no sign of what was to come or what was going on inside them. The Stupaks’ were desperate for an answer as to why their son took his own life. Laurie Stupak, BJ’s mother, had been thinking back to the drug with a nagging thought. After searching for information about the drug on the computer she found several stories about Accutane relating to many suicides.

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