Account for the failure of both the Power Sharing Executive and the Northern Ireland Assembly

Account for the failure of both the Power Sharing Executive and the Northern Ireland Assembly
To account for such a failure in the power-sharing executive it is
necessary for one to look at the structure and the organisation of the
Assemblies as well as assessing its aims and directives as well as to examine
the time scale to which this has taken place.My intention is to examine from
the mid-seventies to the present day and all the questions that these many
and various initiatives have raised.The power-sharing
executive was thefirst and last examples of home rule since the collapse of
During this last period the establishment of Stormont lasted from 1973 to
1974.The aim of the British Government was to return the province to an
eventual devolution.The issue of direct rule was to be only a temporary
measure whilst the relevant sides talked it out at the negotiating table looking
for a form of political settlement.Essentially the main elements that both
parties were looking for was to guarantee that the province remained a part of
the United Kingdom as long as the majority deem that wish .Proportional
Representation was held in order to elect the new seventy-eight Northern
Irish Assembly.The two most contentious issue of all the issues of were the
issue of institutionalised power sharing and that of the establishment of the
Council of Ireland, which had, a direct input into the system of governance as
well as a probable oversight into linking the whole system into the Irish
political system, therefore adding an Irish dimension to the proceedings in
order to placate republican feelings and sentiment.
The executive failed on a series of levels due to the various
claimed inconsistency by both sides.But one must really accredit claim to
the Unionists for mobilising the populace with the help of the paramilitaries in
organising strikes and protest mar…

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