Mary and Jeff were high school sweethearts.They have been together for sixteen years.Jeff has a very bad temper.He wants things done his way and no other.Jeff has been abusing Marry for ten years now.Mary can not do anything to stop him.She has left him and put restraining order on him.She feels as if there is nothing she can do to stop him from the abuse.

Ten years ago was thefirst Jeff hit Mary.Mary was running late and did not have dinner ready when Jeff got home from work.When he saw that there was no dinner on the table, he began yelling at her. He then walked over to the stove and threw the dinner all over the floor.He then told her to pick up the food.She was in such shock she just froze.He walked over to her and threw her on the ground, put her face in the food and told her it better picked up in thirty minutes.He told her he wants dinner to be ready in thirty five minutes.Reluctantly she did what he had demanded. He did not hit her again for a couple months.

Mary and Jeff eleventh year anniversary was on January 12th.Jeff had a very nice dinner reservation and roses for Mary. He got all dressed up and waited for her to get off work.Mary got off late unfortunately and did not have a chance to call Jeff and let him know she was running behind.Jeff was so mad that she had bothered to be on time; he went to the bar down the street and started drinking.Mary went to the restaurant to find he had already left.Mary went on home and got into bed.Jeff got home around 3:00 a.m., he walked up to the bed and ripped the covers off of Mary. He began yelling…where were you…why didn't you call the restaurant.Jeff grabbed her face and hit her as hard as he could.Mary went blank; she just laid there as he kept hitting her.When he finally stopped, Mary gained enough strength, grabbed her keys and ran to her car.She drove straight to the police station and filed a report. …

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