Spousal assault is either the male or the female of the relationship who is being beaten up
very brutally by their partner, such as a marriage. In most violent marriages the women in most
cases are mostly subjected to spousal assaults. Women who are subjected to such beatings by
there spouses are considered to Be known as “Battered wives. Wife assult is to be known as a
very serious crime when committed this type of action can happen to any person at any age of
there lives. Their husbands or even their boyfriends beat up over one million Canadian women
each year. There are five types of wife abuse that are physical, psychological, emotional, sexual
and also financial. Some men beat their wives to a point until they receive power and control over
there battered wives spousal assault is a continuing process by which has many contributing
A common myth about wife abuse is that it is direct result of the perpetuators drinking
problem and if it is treated, the addiction and abuse would end. Alcohol and different types of
drugs do not cause the spouse to beat there wives senseless but although the alcohol may be
contributing factor to the abusement. Many of the men who are constantly abusing their wives do
so with out any substance abuse .The men who are beating their wives have one main reason for
doing so and that is to gain power, and to gain control over their wives. If they realize that they
have not received enough control and power over their wives they would continue to do so till
they do gain there advantage over there wives. The man who constantly drinks and does drugs
when they batter their wives is used as an excuse for beating their wives
up.Alcohol is a strong substance that can cause the men to be highly encouragably that can cause
the men to be very violent. Many of the abusive men who have increasingly battered their wives
to a pulp try to apologies to their wives …

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