Absentee Voting

The symposium last February 11, 2000 titled "Absentee Voting for Overseas Filipinos" was a successful one. They have expressed their insights regarding the topic in an orderly manner. The facilitators actually have a passion to educate and at the same time encourage students to support this proposal to the government. Also, the three facilitators are very well prepared and they are very organized in delivering their respective topics. Sad to say, many of the students just keep talking with each other up to the point that they are distracting some students like us (ahem!) that are willing to be educated on this matter.
For me, even if there are about seven million Filipinos on different parts of the world that are willing to vote, absentee voting is not the solution. If they want to choose a good leader, then they must go home here and take their chances. I said this because many of the Filipinos overseas don't have any idea on who are they going to vote. It's because they are not here. They don't even know the background of the person they will choose. We can never trust the reliability of others regarding this matter. I myself can say that I practice my right to vote based on my own perception on who is the right person to vote. I did not listen to what others even my parents' say.
Secondly, Absentee Voting may be one of the sources of scams or any cheating activities. We know damn well that our country has the dirtiest politics in the whole world. We cannot tell if the politicians will buy the votes of our countrymen abroad. We also know how smart the Filipino politicians when it comes on cheating.
Lastly, Absentee Voting will cost much because the process itself will be very expensive. The government must send the authenticated ballots abroad then send it back again. The result of the election also can be delayed because the Comelec will have to wait for the ballots from abroad for final tal

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