In today's society there are many topics that are carefully thought
about to be controversial.However, possibly no coexistent issue causes
more controversy than abortion.A person can hardly read a newspaper,
turn on the television, or even have a conversation with a friend without
the topic coming up one way or another.This subject is the cause of
many arguments and many violent protests.Best of friends can even
seem like the worst of enemies when talking about abortion; whether one
person being strongly for pro-choice, feeling that a woman has the right
to choose, to the other being pro-life, believing abortion is murder.The
two sides are very separated and very often refuse to finding a middle
course with each other.Many people, including myself, have their own
Abortion is a topic that is nothing new to society.For many, many
years abortion has existed, it was just not readily available.In earlier years
each state had the responsibility of deciding when and if abortion was
legal.In 1970, only a few states legalized abortion.However, in 1973 a
turning point decision made abortion legal in all states, which was made
by the court case Roe verses Wade.In this case, the United States
Supreme Court declared most confining laws against abortion
unconstitutional because they violated a woman's constitutional right of
privacy.In addition, it left the decision of afirst-trimester abortion to the
woman and her doctor.States could also have regulations to ensure the
safely of a second-trimester abortion and could prohibit third-trimester
abortions.Since then, other restrictions on abortions have been legalized.
In the 1989 case of Webster verses Reproductive Health Services, the
Supreme Court ruled that abortions could not be made by public
employees or funded by the tax payers.Then, in 1990 the state legislature
had the option to require the notific…

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