Abortion & Thomson

When it comes to Thomson's theory of abortion, I completely agree with her in many ways.In the case of rape, the woman did not willingly try to get pregnant. She did not ask to be. It is the woman's right to be able to have the ability to get an abortion.To say that she can not have one is just plain wrong. Some might ask well, what if the woman's life is at stake and having the child will kill her? This again should be the woman's choice in to have or not have an abortion. Thomson uses the violin player as an example to this by saying that after finding out that you were plugged in to this famous person to save his life that in one month you would die because it was putting additional strain on your kidneys. Most in this case would not sacrifice their life for this person that they do not know.So therefore, there should be no difference in being able to do the same in the whole abortion case. The third case in which she says that it is "ok" to have an abortion is if the woman has taken reasonable precautions not to get pregnant. Once again I agree with her in this case. Lets take for an example a older couple who do not want children. They take all the precautions not to get pregnant such as using birth control. They end up getting pregnant and want to have an abortion. It is not right for us to say that they can not have one because they did not ask/want to get pregnant. Some might say well they can give the child up for abortion. But in saying that should you make the woman carry this child around for 9 months and go through all the pain that comes with this when she did not want the child and did precautions not to get pregnant. It should be her right to be able to say that she wants to get rid of it.Thomson makes another good point too. She states that "abortion is wrong if it is done just for the sake of convenience". Lets use an example on this one also. A woman who is seven months …

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