Abortion Reflection

Some of the general issues with abortion are the conflicts between pro-life and pro-choice.My issues with abortion are whether to abort or not to abort.The general issues and my personal issues are very similar.However, I feel strongly about both sides.And it is with my most recent tragedy that I have come to this decision.
General pro-life advocates are for life no matter what the situation or what the person feels.General pro-choice advocates delve into people's situations and feelings and learn to understand why abortion needs to be a choice.Society needs to find a median between the two.
I used to be a pro-life person.I believe that all life is a miracle from God and we should cherish whatever is given to us from Him.However, since the loss of my daughter, who was born with a disease incompatible to life, my views on abortion have changed.I needed to be given a choice, during the 1st trimester when the disease can be found, whether or not to continue with the pregnancy knowing that my daughter would die anyways.Don't get me wrong, I am ecstatic that I had the chance to hold her and meet her and love her while she was alive, but her death was inevitable.
Society needs to understand and understand is the biggest word here.They need to research reasons as to why abortion is sometimes necessary.Not just for the sake of a diseased baby, but maybe even for the sake of a mother who may not survive childbirth.I do not believe that abortion should be done if there is not a reason to.And that is where the stopping point should be.Because of these above reasons abortion needs to be pro-choice, within reason.
How can this be mandated?We talked about writing letters in class and protesting for attention to the subject.We need to gather women in both groups together and teach the understanding of pro-choice.And we have to provide better centers for women to go when t

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