Abortion – ProLife Decision

Imagine you're sixteen years old, and you're sitting in the doctor's office. A nurse approaches you, takes your boyfriend, your mother, and you into a room, are you nervous? You should be. The nurse breaks the news to you that you are pregnant. You start to cry and think of alternatives to not having this child, even though it is your responsibility. You call the doctor and schedule to have an abortion, not even knowing what it is. You now think the baby will not be your problem anymore, so why think twice, its what you want, isn't it? Since this person doesn't know the affects or even what abortion is, is there any way to tell her the truth and show her that abortion is not the answer in getting rid of your child. There are other alternatives that she could think of, and there are other ways of this baby being saved.
First and foremost, what is abortion? Abortion is a way to end pregnancy by force, which is called an induced abortion, which can be done surgically or medically by taking a pills or injection to kill the baby inside of you. The two ways are very important in the abortion process, considering it is the way you are killing your baby. Surgical abortion has ways of removing the baby surgically. Three most common methods are manual vacuum aspiration, dilation and suction curettage, and dilation and evacuation. The method used depends on how long you have been pregnant – the number of days since thefirst day of your last period. "To have an abortion surgically is not always one hundred percent effective and fails to end pregnancy only one out of every five hundred times preformed." (NOW, and Abortion Rights) The second option you are given in an abortion is to have the baby killed medically. "Medical abortion is a way to end pregnancy without surgery. Recent studies show that medical abortion works up to sixty-three days after the last period begins." (NOW, and Abortion Rights) …

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