Abortion- Pro

Abortion is a very touchy subject in American politics. When dealing with this issue, there are two sides that one can take. There is the Pro-life side, which believe that abortion is not a good thing, and should be made illegal. On the other end of the spectrum, there is the Pro-choice side. The Pro-choice side believe that its a woman's choice if she wants to carry the baby, or abort the pregnancy. There are many pro's and con's to each of the argument.
One reason that Pro-choice advocates believe that there stance on the issue is the right one is that they believe that its a woman's choice whether or not she aborts the pregnancy because its her body. Since the fetus is part of her body, she can make the decision whether she lets it live or die. It's like, if a woman has something wrong with her leg, and one of the options is to amputate, she can either choose to get rid of the leg and be done with it, or keep it.
Another reason that Pro-choice supporters think that abortion is alright is that they do not consider a fetus to be a living human being. One of the main stances that Pro-life supporters have is that killing a fetus is just like killing a human being. While Pro-choice advocates believe that life begins at birth, and that killing the fetus is not kill a human, just killing a part of you.
The final reason I will touch upon for the Pro-choice side is that sometimes, an abortion is the best thing if the mother is not capable of taking care of a baby. Sometimes a mother is not expecting the baby, and when it is conceived is not emotionally or financially ready to take care of the baby. When this is the case, an abortion can solve this problem, making it so she doesn't have a baby to take care of.
On the other end of things, There are reason whyPro-life is the way to be. There are all pretty much the opposite of the reason's for Pro-choice. One of them is that a fetus is a human

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