Abortion: Pro-life or Pro-choice That is the question.

Imagine not even getting a chance or a choice as to whether or not your life is important.That is the case when a woman decides that she would rather have an abortion than consider other alternatives. Today, there is an estimated 31 million abortions performed worldwide each year (World Stats).Abortion was legalized on January 22,1973, in an attempt to reduce child abuse.It was assumed that abuse rates were high because the child was unwanted at birth; however, after abortion was liberated, the rate of abuse increased 370% in only seven years (Erteit).People think most everyone is unequivocal about abortion, but in reality, many women are dubious about the affects of abortion.Currently, abortion is legal and available to almost anyone even with the knowledge that has come forth of the harshness and the damaging risk factor; they still permit these precarious murders to be performed.In addition to murder, the physical and mental effects on the mother are far reaching.Although the legalization of abortion is of good intent, it can cause more eradication and therefore should be illegal.
One reason why abortion should be illegal is that it authorizes millions of innocent murders a year.Many advocates of abortion rebut the issue of whether the fetus is alive or not.World-renowned geneticist Jerome Le Jeune vanquishes that idea by documenting, “…the unborn child is programmed from inside out for an on going process of growth.It has 46 chromosomes, the scientifically verifiable human genetic code-never to be repeated in all history” (Human Development).Doctors use procedures where the child is dismembered and rid of a child by using methods that include steel knives, metal forceps, poisonous saline solution, starvation and decapitation, in which the baby is well aware of its surroundings and often feel pain (Abortion Tech).While doctors can perform abortion up through and including the ninth month, the fetus under…

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