Abortion made illegal again

Thirty-two years after the enactment of Roe versus Wade, abortion remains one of the most painful and controversial subjects in the United States.Of the 2.6 million unintended pregnancies (excluding miscarriages), in the U.S. each year, approximately 1.4 million women terminate their pregnancies by medically safe, legal abortions [1]. Since the legalization of abortion has occurred, deaths from abortions have declined dramatically, with more than half of abortions being performed at or before 8 weeks of pregnancy, decreasing the number of deaths from 0.2 per 100,000 procedures [1]. Abortion is when a woman who is pregnant decides to terminate her pregnancy before the birth of fetus, resulting in the death of the fetus.Women choose to terminate their pregnancies for a variety of reasons from being too young or too old, having enough children and not wanting anymore, or not being able to take care of a child financially. I feel that abortion should stay legal. For myself, I am anti-abortion but with respect to society, I am pro-choice.I think that people should however be informed of the consequences of an abortion before making a final decision.
Many Americans will argue that there is a multitude of good reasons that Roe versus Wade should not be overturned.First, those situations where a variety of medical conditions in a pregnancy may have the potential to affect the health of the mother, therapeutic abortions are an option. Therapeutic abortions are also performed in cases to terminate a pregnancy in which the child has severe defects that would make it unlikely to survive. Such was the case with Sherri Finkbine, who in 1962 discovered early in her pregnancy that the drug thalidomide, that she was taking to help her sleep, caused birth defects including missing limbs, and malformed internal organs.She chose to have an abortion but went public before it occurred to warn other women about the effects of the drug.Un

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