Abortion: Legal Murder

An alarming trend is growing in the United States.This trend is murder.And yet, the people who commit these murders are not being punished.Conversely, in many cases they are being helped, and even encouraged to commit these heinous acts.Worst of all, the victims of these murders are children, all of whom have never even seen the light of day.The trend that I am referring to is abortion.Abortion is the killing of an innocent child while they are still in the womb.But, even though they are not born yet, this child is still a living creature and deserves every chance to live, and not be disposed of like a piece of unwanted junk mail.In order to outlaw abortion, Americans must stand up and show that everything about abortion is wrong.
First, abortion is killing a human being.Many pro-abortion people will argue that a child is not living until it is born, but this is simply not true.When a child isfirst conceived, it is alive.Even though it may not look like a person at the time, it is still a living being.It grows, eats, and breathes, all of which constitute it being alive.Many people, though, have been brainwashed into believing the idea that because the baby has not been born yet, then it is not taking a life.However, there really is no difference in killing an unborn child and killing a three-day-old, three-week-old, or even three-month-old infant.This being said, how many people would still support abortion if they waited until after the baby was delivered before they killed it.Would they still be so supportive if instead of the abortion process now implemented, they just knocked the baby in the head right as it came out of the womb.After all, this would be a much cheaper, and less complicated way.
Next, having an abortion is a very expensive process.The cost to have an abortion varies, but you would be hard-pressed to find somewhere that would legally perform an abor

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