Abortion and Affirmative Actio

When the United States was founded over two hundred years ago, our fore fathers proclaimed that this land would be an area where freedom would be available to anyone and everyone. It is this freedom that enticed many individuals to make the journey from their home country over to the United States. Freedom, is a right that every individual for example each, freedom of religion, and most of all freedom of choice. To take these privileges away form an individual would deprive them of the civil rights. As in thefirst presidential election to our most recent, civil rights has always been an issue that the American public takes very seriously. They need to be informed about what the candidate’s feelings are on these specific issues. In this election year, two candidates, George W. Bush and Al Gore will be pursuing the presidency as their respective campaign teams trek across the country. One of the main issues that the candidates will be emphasizing on individuals civil rights; in particular abortion and affirmative action. One of the two candidates, George W. Bush, has expressed an opinion on these issues in his quest for the presidency.
Few other issues have created such extreme division in the American public as abortion. The 1973 U.S. Supreme Court decision on Roe v. Wade opened the abortion floodgates, pressuring lawmakers to grapple with the constitutional rights of both women and the unborn. George W. Bush has made great strides in presenting his beliefs about abortion. Governor Bush stands firm saying that he opposes abortion, with the exceptions of rape, incest, or if a mothers life is endangered. Although his feeling about abortion is critical, he promises not to use it as a”litmus test” for Supreme Court Nominees.Several months ago Bush said, Roe vs. Wade would not be overturned until hearts are changed and so we should focus on ways to reduce abortion. He finishes bye saying that he would not insist on a “litmus test” f…

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